‘Witness X’ revealed extra details of Crashgate to FIA

A whistleblower within the Renault F1 team, known only as Witness X is thought to have finished the career of Flavio Briatore.

FIA evidence shows reference to Witness X whose identity is only thought to be known to a handful of people, including FIA president Max Mosley. Witness X is a member of the Renault F1 team and is said to have come forward on the eve of the World Motor Sport Council to reveal further details of how the scandal came about.

Part of the FIA s statement reveals, “Renault F1 submitted that Witness X was a whistleblower within its team and that if his identity were to be revealed it may discourage other similarly situated persons to come forward in relation to this or other matters. The FIA considered this argument to have some merit, given that Witness X was said not himself to be a conspirator. However, the FIA considered that this argument had to be balanced against the requirements of the FIA s investigation and the requirement to put the full facts before the WMSC. The FIA therefore agreed with Renault F1 that the identity of Witness X would be made known to the FIA s President, and certain of 12 the FIA s legal advisers only. Renault also agreed to put forward Witness X for interview by one of the FIA s external counsel, Mr Paul Harris. To protect his identity Witness X is not identified in this decision.”

According to Witness X, the architect of the idea to have Nelson Piquet Jr crash at the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix was Pat Symonds, Renault s then director of engineering. Witness X also revealed that Briatore knew all about the plan.

“Witness X was told of the idea suggested by Nelson Piquet Jr by Mr Symonds, whilst in the presence of Mr Briatore,” the FIA statement reads. “Witness X objected to the idea. He did not know the plan was to be carried into effect until the crash happened.

“As a result of the evidence, including Mr Piquet s admission, Mr Symonds s responses and Witness X s evidence, Renault F1 concluded that they and Mr Briatore must have known about the conspiracy.”

Briatore has protested his innocence in the controversy and has indicated that he may even pursue legal action in an attempt to clear his name.

Read the full statement from the FIA here [PDF].