Willis: HRT needs more resources

In a question and answer session on HRT’s official website, the team said it will take “two years” to move away from the back of the grid.

Technical boss Geoff Willis however said this will only happen if the outfit formerly known as Hispania increases its resources and staff numbers.

“We have to improve pretty much everywhere,” the former Red Bull, Honda and Red Bull chief told Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport.

“I do not mean to sound negative,” added Willis. “The simple fact is that we need more resources.

“For example, in our aerodynamic programme, we simply need more people. In production we need better quality control and tests. You just cannot afford to be a little bit weak in those areas.”

Inside every F1 team factory, work is well underway on the 2012 cars, but Willis said HRT’s schedule to be ready for next season is “very tight”.

“Of course we have already been working (on 2012) since June. But we do not have the resources that I would like. Many people in the team need to do several things at once.”

The Briton joined HRT early last year and insists he has no immediate plans to accept any offers from bigger teams.

“That can not be answered simply. Currently I am an important part of this project and no one wants to leave until we get there,” he said.


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