Williams unveil FW30’s 2008 livery

Williams 2008 car, the FW30Williams have unveiled the livery that they will be running during the 2008 season.

During winter testing, the Williams F1 team showed off six different colour schemes to commemorate a series of landmarks for the team this year. The team have now revealed their final livery for the FW30 car.

Williams have shown impressive form over the winter testing period and co-owner Patrick Head has admitted that they are hoping to challenge McLaren and Ferrari in some of the season s races.

“We don t really target any particular team,” Head began. “We are just trying to do the best we can. Ferrari won the championship last year so they are the target. Obviously I would be disappointed if we cannot get in and give the odd Ferrari and the odd McLaren a fright during the year. But both of the teams seem to be in very good shape for the start of the year.

“BMW, I think, have had a difficult introduction but they seem to have got it pretty well sorted now and I think they will be quick. Red Bull seems quite good, but they have been stuck in the garage a few times. Renault have made some positive noises and I am sure they will be better than last year but you don’t get the impression they will be challenging Ferrari and McLaren.

“It is very difficult to judge exactly where we are because a few of the cars have done good runs,” Head continued. “A lot of people were saying that Toyota were right out of it and Ferrari were miles quicker, but the 1m20.8s that Jarno did at Barcelona is a pretty quick time. So I don’t think we really know where we are really going to line up and that will only become clear when we get to Malaysia.

“We know we’ve got a much better car than last year’s car and a much more stable back end on it and things. But I think quite a number of teams have got improved cars.”

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