Williams test 09 aero package at Kemble airfield

FW30 largeWilliams became the first team to shake down a 2009 Formula One specification aerodynamic package last week, at Gloucestershire s Kemble airfield.

Formula 3 driver Jonathan Kennard was at the helm of an interim FW30 with revised front and rear wing assemblies compliant with 2009 regulations.

One of the major elements of the FiA s regulation changes for 2009 has called for a significant reduction in the use of aerodynamic devices in order to improve overtaking opportunities in the sport.

To meet the conditions of the new regulations, the front wing has been lowered and made wider, while the rear wing has undergone dramatic revisions and is now taller and narrower. Both changes have reduced the car s overall downforce levels.

Kennard completed a number of runs of the airfield in order to shakedown the new wings and several other new items before the team head to next week s Barcelona test for performance testing of the new components.

“It s been a good day today and great to be able to drive the new-spec Formula One car for the first time,” he said.

“I would like to thank Frank and the team for the opportunity. I enjoyed working through the test programme and assisting the team with their preparations for the 2009 season.”

With thanks to Williams F1