Williams aiming to improve ’08 results

Williams FW30 F1 carThe Williams team have revealed that they are refocusing some of their aerodynamics programme from 2009 back to the FW30 in an attempt to raise their performance in the latter half of the season. Williams have had an inconsistent season so far, performing well at some tracks, and badly at others.

We’ve sort of been switching quite a lot of attention towards 2009, and our aero programme has been working in part on 2009 for quite some time,” Patrick Head, director of engineering at Williams explained. “We recently moved the majority of the aero programme to be on 2009, but we are in the process of retro-putting some attention back on 2008 because we need to do better than we are doing at the moment.

“The majority of it is probably aero-characteristic rather than raw downforce, I think.

“I think that will be a pretty difficult challenge because we’ve got to improve our car a fair bit to equal them, and Mark seems to be on a bit of a roll, doesn’t he? If we provided Nico with the right equipment then I’m sure he would be there.

“You never give up on anything in this world. Just when you’re saying, ‘goodness me’, everything turns around, everyone falls off at the first corner and you come sailing around in first. So you just never know when things can sometimes go in your favour, and sometimes go well against you. You never say that it can’t happen. But it is certainly quite difficult.”

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