Will 2014 see silent F1 pitlanes?

Silence may not descend on F1, despite the FIA announcing that cars will have to drive with only regenerated electrical power in the pitlane in 2014.

The FIA said that part of the new ‘green’ V6 rules for the future is that the cars will not be able to use their conventional petrol engine propulsion between the garages and the pit entrance and exit.

“There are different opinions on that,” admitted Ferrari boss Stefano Domenicali at the Nurburgring, admitting that “some manufacturers” are not keen.

“This is a topic that in my view, because of the situation that it is for 2014, it can still be discussed, we have the time to discuss it in a proper way,” he added.

Domenicali said one potential problem is that F1 would lose some “passion” with a silenced pitlane, while another is that cars not making any sound could be a safety issue for those working in the area.

Agreed Renault technical director James Allison, who is also FOTA’s new technical chief: “There are pros and cons with it from an operational point of view that we’re still discussing.”



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