Will 2012 see three Friday F1 practice sessions?

It has emerged that there are proposals for F1 to feature three practice sessions on Friday for the 2012 season. The plans have come about after recent talks about relaxing the current ban on in-season testing and how this is affecting the development of young drivers.

The proposal is the result of recent talks about slightly relaxing the current total ban on in-season testing, and particularly its impact on the development of young drivers.

“We should not go back to what we had, but in between there is a compromise,” said Renault team boss Eric Boullier, who is also deputy chairman of the F1 teams association FOTA.

“We have proposed to have a short extra session on Friday in which young drivers are used,” the Frenchman revealed to German website motorsport-total.com.

The report said the proposal is for a half-hour session before Friday’s first official practice.

“It should be a separate test session for which a separate set of tyres is available,” added Boullier.