Wife of MI5 officer involved in Mosley scandal

It has emerged that the wife of an MI5 agent was one of the five prostitutes who participated in the Nazi-style orgy with FIA President Max Mosley. The revelation has left the intelligence agency facing questions over whether one of their officers was involved in the sting which saw a five-hour video of Mosley sold to the News of the World.

According to British newspaper the Daily Mail, the agent whose wife has been implicated in the scandal has resigned however security sources have insisted that he officer was unaware of his wife s activities in the scandal until the news was publicised by the newspapers.

The Director of MI5, Jonathan Edwards, is reported to have confirmed to the Prime Minister and Home Secretary that one of his agents was caught up in the Mosley affair and has given his assurances that MI5 were not involved and had not been looking to entrap Mosley.

It is currently unclear as to whether the MI5 office involved knew of his wife s activities. Many believe that he was aware his wife acted as a prostitute and this has led to concerns over MI5 s vetting procedures as a relationship with a prostitute should immediately bar employment within the service thanks to security and blackmail concerns.

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