Whitmarsh expects McLaren to remain on top form

Martin Whitmarsh has issued a warning to McLaren’s championship rivals – stating that he expects the Woking-based team to be competitive at the majority of this season’s circuits.

Although the team had an unpredictable start to its season, McLaren has recently struck a rich vein of form and now finds its drivers at the top of the championship.

As a result, Whitmarsh is hopeful that this trend can continue for the remainder of the year.

“I think we’ve shown in the past two races that we lack nothing in terms of hunger and motivation,” McLaren’s team principal said. “And with our car being constantly developed, I believe we can continue to be a threat at the majority of remaining races on the calendar.

“Of course, we’re no strangers to relentless development – it’s one of the team’s greatest strengths – and we’re absolutely committed to maximising every last component in the search for performance.

“Nothing is too small to be overlooked, and it’s that holistic approach that really brings rewards, allowing us to eke out performance in every single area of the car.

“It’s also an approach we’re increasingly focusing on with the team, too: we’re looking at pit stops, engineering, strategy – and we’re seeing practical and material benefits in those areas, too.”