Whiting: I have a good feeling about India track

Charlie Whiting has moved to allay fears that India could falter at the final hurdle in organising its inaugural Formula One race.

With observers recalling last year’s Commonwealth Games in New Delhi, it has been rumoured that the grand prix might suffer the same shambolic preparations.

“Luckily, we don’t have the government involved,” motor racing official Vicky Chandhok is quoted as saying by Bloomberg.

However, the FIA’s final inspection for the mandatory homologation of the new Buddh circuit has been delayed until September, amid reports some parts of the venue will not be finished even by the scheduled late October race date.

The September inspection will be carried out personally by Whiting.

“I don’t want to offend the people in South Korea, but compared to that I definitely get a good feeling (about India),” the Briton, recalling his most recent visit to the site and comparing it with last year’s first event at Yeongham that was almost called off, is quoted by German press.


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