Webber: Red Bull can win

Mark Webber is confident that his team can win a Grand Prix, however it probably won’t happen this season.

“Things can change around quickly in this game,” Webber remarked. “Whether it is two Red Bulls on the front row driving off into the distance – it’s another matter. This year, it is probably not going to happen but you never know what the future will hold.

“We are not going to win races this year and we have a lot of work to do over the winter to get the RB4 ready to try to challenge McLaren and Ferrari – that’s a huge step for any team to make. That is what we have to look for in the future and make sure we are learning from all the mistakes now.”

Webber used Renault to reinforce his point about the quick-changing nature of the sport. “Renault have been there and now they are scraping a few points from the bottom of the bucket,” Webber continued. “That goes to show you how competitive it is and how things can change around. Both Renault’s got lapped and they are the double world champions!”

One of the problems with the Red Bull cars has been reliability. Webber has had four retirements already this season, including last weekend’s race. However, they appear to be getting more reliable and the team’s aim is now to finish the season strongly, heading up the midfield section.

“Before this season finishes, that’s what we need to aim on – obviously Toyota and Williams and that is not an unachievable goal for us,” Webber explained. “At the moment it is pretty clear we are making reasonably heavy weather of it but it’s about a team working together, having the continuity and having all your ducks lined up.”