Webber: new generation not “real men”

Mark Webber has said that the new generation of F1 drivers bear little resemblance to the older ones.

At the presumably accepted risk of sounding like Victor Meldrew, Webber said that the younger drivers were mollycoddled because they had power steering and semi-automatic gearboxes.

“You don t look at these guys and think they are real men . They are talented, no question, but there is less in common. There is power steering now. A lot of things that make the cars easier to drive. That s why these youngsters can get away with it.”

“I came through the categories with gear sticks and what have you. And that was beneficial for me. But there is no point whingeing about it. They come along and do a good job for the most part … some don t,” joked the Australian.

But he also paid tribute to what he sees as the genuinely talented newcomers.

“Every now and again whether it s a Lewis or Seb, they can with phenomenal grooming, come in and do a good job.”

Webber – talking to the Daily Telegraph – also made clear his thoughts about fellow-old-timer Michael Schumacher’s comeback.

“I think he ll go all right but I have never ever seen a phenomenal comeback. When has the second career ever been better than the first?”

Schumacher wasn t the only one Webber had a dig at with further comments surrounding the five rookies in this year s championship and while he admits they are talented, it is a totally different type of talent to his generation of rookies…

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