Webber: I had KERS and telemetry issues

Having qualified on the front row of the grid alongside his team-mate, Mark Webber eventually finished sixth at his home race in Melbourne. According to the Australian, he suffered from telemetry and KERS issues which did not help his race.

“We had a lot of telemetry issues on the grid and absolutely no idea what the car was doing in terms of KERS, in terms of clutch and all sorts of stuff,” Webber revealed. “The guys were quite nervous with that and I was too. We didn’t really have much of an idea in terms of getting information back to the pits.

“We lost KERS as well for the majority of the first half of the race.

“We had a very difficult first pitstop. It was slow. We ticked a lot of boxes in a negative fashion in the first half of the race. But it can go like that.”

However Webber acknowledged that even if he had not had gremlins during the race, it was unlikely he would have won the race.

“Today, even if we’d got everything right, we were probably going to get outdone by two-stop people,” Webber said. “The race would’ve been very, very difficult for us even if we’d had a smooth day.

“Fair play to Kimi and his guys. You’ve got to take your hat off when someone outperforms you.”

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