Webber hints Ferrari move is possible

With rumours swirling that he might be moving to Ferrari next season, Mark Webber is doing little to quell the speculation. When quizzed at Silverstone over whether he will be signing with Red Bull or replacing Felipe Massa at Ferrari, Webber refused to be drawn, instead stating that decision time is getting closer.

It sounds as though Red Bull wants him to stay as Sebastian Vettel’s teammate. Spain’s AS newspaper says it’s a done deal.

“We’re reaching the time of year when you sit down to talk about the future,” boss Christian Horner is quoted by Tuttosport. “Mark is driving very well this year and he’s in great shape,” he added.

35-year-old Webber, however, admitted he has been talking to some other teams.

“It’s been pretty light,” he told the BBC.

It is rumoured Webber has been given the ‘green light’ to make the Ferrari move by his friend Fernando Alonso.

“I know Fernando reasonably well; I wouldn’t say extremely well,” Webber insisted.

If they do pair up next year, the Australian suggested any friendship would likely end anyway.

“It’s that ego thing — we drivers are all a bit precious and it all kicks off. Let’s see,” he said. “I’ve made the decision I want to carry on. I’m motivated and hungry. Now I have to go and find some work.”


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