Webber bemoans ruined weekend, while Vettel remains optimistic

Bahrain Grand Prix Qualifying was a tale of contrasting fortunes for both Red Bull Racing drivers. Although Sebastian Vettel continued his impressive form, by Qualifying third on the grid, Mark Webber will line up nineteenth after being blocked by Force India’s Adrian Sutil.

Despite the Australian claiming that his Race Weekend is ruined,  Vettel believes that it is possible to challenge Toyota in tomorrow’s race.

Sebastian Vettel – 3rd: “That was a good session, we could see in Q1 it was very tough and it wasn’t enough to do one run on the prime tyres, so everyone had to put on the option. But it was a smooth qualifying session and we had no problems. The car was very quick, we only needed one run in Q2 and we remained at the top, even though the circuit was improving, which was very good. In Q3 the two Toyotas were a bit too quick – I’m looking forward to tomorrow, I reckon they might pull in a little earlier than us! But, it’s a long race, so let’s see.”

Mark Webber – 19th: “Traffic. I had traffic on the last corner and therefore wasn’t quick enough to go through. I don’t usually get caught out with that problem and that was the worst place to get nailed, as it wrecked both my flying laps. I had nowhere to go in the last corner of my first lap and then Sutil slip-streamed past me for the start of my second, so it was a disaster. Q1 is the worst session to have had that problem, as now we’re at the back for tomorrow my race is screwed.”

Christian Horner: “I think the car weights will show that both Toyotas are set for an aggressive strategy tomorrow we’ve got a fresh set of tyres remaining from today so I think we have a strong strategy for tomorrow’s race. We’re bitterly disappointed for Mark who was blocked by Sutil in Q1, both drivers should have been up at the front today which is really frustrating. It was a great performance from Sebastian though he’s on fire at the moment, he did a great lap in Q2 and a very good lap in Q3, so let’s see what tomorrow’s race brings.”

Fabrice Lom: “Very mixed feelings. We had a very good qualifying with Sebastian, who was top in Q1 and Q2. He’s third, but I think he has a good strategy so we’re confident for tomorrow. It will be very hot and the engine will suffer a bit, but we will try our best to get some more points and I hope a victory! It’s such a shame for Mark, he was having a great weekend but then was blocked in qualifying. I’m sure he can bounce back from there tomorrow we’ll cross our fingers.”

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