We want to come back to Brazil despite crime scares – Domenicali

Ferrari team principal Stefano Domenicali has said that he wants to come back to Brazil despite the crime scares that dogged the 2010 event.

McLaren’s Jenson Button narrowly evaded a carjacking on Saturday evening thanks to the reactions of his driver, and Sauber personnel were also robbed during the weekend.

But Domenicali warned against judging the whole event against a couple of incidents.

“To be honest, I don’t want to say that we are here and it is a dangerous situation,” he said. “We know that anywhere in the world something bad can happen.

“I think that we need to thank all the organisers here that are trying to do the maximum they can and I would like to stress this positive point, because also this week I know people had some problems.”

Domenicali added that he had been slightly concerned that Ferrari might be a target after the German GP when Felipe Massa surrendered the lead to Fernando Alonso in controversial circumstances.

“We didn’t do any extra precautions, we will try to normal stuff but once again I would like to stress the fact that here in Brazil the atmosphere is really great, and one thing I would like to say, there were a lot of people saying that I will come here in Brazil and you will see how everyone will be against Ferrari and I was trembling – joking! and it was not true.

“All the fans here were cheering Ferrari and this is one thing that you do not have to forget, the passion for F1, also for Brazilian drivers and our brand. This is something we have to bring home and also to the benefit of the ones who are trying to put the extra pressure on us.”

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