Vettel targets sleep for week after title

A good night’s sleep was among one of Sebastian Vettel’s priorities after becoming the youngest ever double world champion.

Following a paddock party and then another involving karaoke until 5am on Monday morning, the Red Bull driver headed straight to Yokohama for a sponsor and media engagement.

It was there that, according to Abendblatt newspaper, the 24-year-old said: “My voice is a bit ruined now!

“After a long night I want to let the whole thing sink in a bit, get some sleep and then be ready for Korea.”

Indeed, any plans for more than a single night of partying has had to wait for now, with Vettel scheduled to practice in Korea in less than three days.

“We have celebrated a little,” he is quoted by, “but not too much because this week we are in Korea.”

Vettel denied Bild newspaper’s claim that he seemed “almost sad” as he came to realise his achievements in the Suzuka paddock late on Sunday.

“I was not sad,” he insists. “I can be just as satisfied with a second or a fourth place but it’s clear that we did not have a perfect race. That’s what we strive for.

“It is also difficult for me to switch from the extreme tension of a race to realise straight away that you are world champion.

“Now it’s time for some rest, particularly some sleep, and then to understand it all. Sounds spectacular, I know.”

And the next goal will be to repeat it all in 2012.

“We want to keep going. It’s addictive. Nothing else in my life gives me as much satisfaction,” said Vettel.


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