Vettel names 2012 car ‘Abbey’

Sebastian Vettel has named his new 2012 Red Bull chassis ‘Abbey’.

With the Adrian Newey-penned RB8, the 24-year-old German will push to become F1’s third-ever triple consecutive world champion, after Juan Manuel Fangio and mentor Michael Schumacher. Recently, the highly-superstitious German has given his F1 cars a female name – the 2010 winner was Luscious Liz, and last year’s dominant RB7 ‘Kinky Kylie’.

So superstitious is Vettel that – as in 2011 – he has waited until the Wednesday before the season-opening Australian grand prix to decide the new name.

Germany’s Bild newspaper said Vettel’s 2012 mount is ‘Abbey’ – perhaps after his favourite band The Beatles’ album Abbey Road, or the Silverstone corner?

“Neither is true,” he insisted, “it’s just a cool name.”