Vettel: I remember nothing of last Turkish GP

Sebastian Vettel today joked that he has no memories of last year’s Turkish Grand Prix as he and the Red Bull team approached the 2011 event at the same track.

Vettel came together with team mate Mark Webber on lap 40 last season, an incident which appeared to be the German’s fault. Red Bull’s refusal to apportion blame led to a number of conspiracy theories being aired and the whole saga had major ramifications for the pair’s relationship.

But Vettel said that he could change nothing from the event and so had discarded it from memory.

“What are my memories [of last year]?” the world champion said. “Blank.

“There is nothing we can change. We had our discussions last year and we learned from it.

“Coming back here it doesn’t really change anything. In the end I always try to learn something even when from the outside everything looks smooth.”

His team mate Mark Webber was optimistic for this weekend’s race, coming off the back of a stonking drive to third place in China.

“People were saying it was just the result I needed which was fine, but I just need a smooth weekend,” Webber commented. “I haven’t really had one yet.

“We need to have three or four races on the bounce when we have a smooth Saturday and Sunday and that is when I can be happy that I have got the most out of what I have.

“I’m looking forward to having a race here. We’ve had a few good grands prix here.”