Valencia opens door to Barcelona alternation

The government of Valencia has left open the door to annually alternating its Formula One street race with Spain’s other grand prix venue Barcelona beyond 2014.

After a meeting with mayor Rita Barbera this week, Valencia sport minister Dolores Johnson told the EFE news agency that the government will honour the existing contract for a race every year until 2014.

Beyond the current contract that is “in force”, Johnson said Valencia intends to extend the deal only “in the best conditions”.

The specialist Spanish media has interpreted the comment as a clear signal that Valencia is considering alternating a single annual F1 date with Barcelona’s Circuit de Catalunya.

Red Bull designer Adrian Newey recently expressed regret that the future of permanent circuits like Barcelona is imperilled by the rise of temporary venues.

“I gather there’s a danger that Barcelona could be lost relative to Valencia and I think that would be a tragedy,” he said.


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