Valencia not confirming alternate GP report

The Valencian government has not confirmed reports that its street circuit may alternatively share a single annual Grand Prix with Barcelona.

F1 chief executive Bernie Ecclestone admitted at the Nurburgring last weekend that talks are “on” about hosting races at the two venues on alternate years.

But earlier this month, the Valencia sport minister Dolores Johnson had said it would be “very good” if the port city was the only Spanish venue in F1.

This week, she said she has “no news” about the situation except to insist that it is Ecclestone “who works out the schedule”.

“I reiterate that there is nothing new (to say). As far as the European grand prix (at Valencia) is concerned, the contract that we have remains in force, and as soon as there is anything else we will let you know,” Johnson told the EFE news agency.

When asked specifically about the reports of Barcelona and Valencia alternating annually, she added that the latter venue would support “any possibility to make the grand prix stronger”.

Valencia mayor Rita Barbera, meanwhile, said she is “convinced” that Ecclestone remains fully supportive of the city’s race, even if she could provide no details about whether he “is open to an alternation (with Valencia) or not”.


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