USF1 turn down pay-driver offers

USF1 co-principal Peter Windsor has revealed that the team has already turned down two lucrative offers from pay-drivers for next season s Formula 1 championship.

Windsor revealed that two drivers who have yet to taste F1 racing had been in touch to see if they could become pay-drivers within the newly formed USF1 team. The money offered is significant, equating to around three quarters of the team s racing budget, however both drivers have been turned down.

“We ve been offered well over thee-quarters of our racing budget by two drivers already, neither of whom have raced in Formula One but both have won races in GP2,” Windsor explained in an interview with Sports Illustrated. “Both of them have massive sponsorship they can bring us from their home country.

“Ken and I have got to be very strong, look one another in the eye and say, no, we are not going to accept that money; we are not going to hire those guys becaused we re going to remain true to our convictions. ”

Windsor has always stated that they are hoping to give two young American drivers a chance in F1 next season, however the 2010 season may see an experienced non-American in one of the race seats.