Two new circuits for 2009

Portugal is hoping that it will host a Formula One Grand Prix in the near future. Two years ago, Portugal was given the go ahead to build a circuit in the Algarve at the cost of 200 million Euros. This circuit should be completed in October 2008 and circuit boss Pinheiro has revealed that an F1 test has already been booked for January 2009.

The track is looking to get official FIA certification as well as government backing the last Portuguese Grand Prix was held in 1996 at Estoril.

“The government will do its best for Portugal to become part of the world’s main championships,” said deputy sports minister Laurentino Dias. “This circuit is prepared to host a range of motor races, from the most modest to Formula One.”

Meanwhile, plans have been finalised for a new circuit in Alcaniz, Spain. The track will be named La Ciudad del Motor de Alcaniz and has been designed by reknowned Formula 1 circuit designer Hermann Tilke with input from Spanish Formula 1 driver Pedro de la Rosa.

It is expected that the new Spanish circuit will be used for Formula 1 testing alongside the Montmelo, Valencia and Jerez circuits.

The circuit is expected to be completed in mid-2009 and will feature a 5.3 km long track with a 2 km straight and a Loews-style Monaco hairpin.

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