Trulli: Teams cannot complain about Q1

Jarno Trulli says that he will be angry if there are any complaints about traffic during qualifying, after team bosses failed to agree on a solution.

Drivers had asked for the first segment of qualifying to be split into two halfs, but this suggestion was rejected by the teams.

As a result, Trulli believes that team principals will now not be able to complain about the inevitable delays during Q1.

“I will be very upset if someone after qualifying comes and starts complaining,” Trulli told Autosport.

“They have had plenty of time among the teams about what to do for here, and they didn’t come up with a solution. So I don’t think anyone should start complaining now.”

“This is Monaco, it is always hard and the traffic will be as bad as usual,” he said. “But I don’t see any big issue. There are some cars that are much quicker than us, but there is 20 minutes in the session.

“The top teams, who are at the moment complaining the most, they only need one lap to stay ahead of us. I don’t think it will be a problem.”

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