Toyota to review Glock crash footage

Toyota president John Howett has said the team will be reviewing footage of Glock s rescue after he crashed at Hockenheim as they are unsure whether marshals followed the correct procedures.

Glock crashed heavily into the pit wall at Hockenheim after his suspension failed at the final corner. Marshals quickly arrived on the scene and helped Glock from his car. Glock was clutching his back and appeared winded and was given a chair to sit on before being taken to the medical centre.

Talking to, Howett said, “We want to talk about how the driver was recovered from the cockpit. However, we do not wish to complain.”

“Usually the driver is taken out of the car along with the seat. We understand that in the heat of the moment you can get excited. We will look at the video and figure out exactly what happened. The most important thing is that Timo is absolutely okay.

Glock was taken to hospital as a precaution after the crash and was discharged yesterday.

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