Toyota aims for the top

Toyota have promised that their 2008 car  – the TF108 will be very different to 2007 s car and it is hoped that it will propel them to amongst Formula 1 s front runners.

Toyota have been entrenched in F1 s midfield since 2002 and have finished in sixth place in both 2007 and 2006. Talking to F1 Racing, general chassis manager Pascal Vasselon explained, “Our 2008 car will be very different. I wouldn t say revolutionary because nature is continuous for instance, you don t go from being stupid to intelligent, or back again, from one day to the next.

“So, although our car will be very different, it will be a normal evolution according to what we’ve learned through experience and where we are in terms of understanding our performances.

“We re working on a schedule that s probably similar to the other teams – We started on the 2008 car very early in January. Fuji was the last major upgrade for 2007.”

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