Todt hopeful F1 will improve

Newly elected FIA President Jean Todt is confident that Formula One will recover from the spate of scandals and controversies that have damaged the sport’s reputation in recent years.

Todt, widely perceived to be part of Formula One’s ‘old order’ and the preferred candidate of choice by outgoing president Max Mosley, crushed Ari Vatanen in Friday’s election by securing almost 75% of the vote amongst member clubs.

Speaking in a news conference after the election he told reporters: “I like action, I like to make things go forward and I am really happy to see that so many countries chose me,” he told Reuters. “But everything is yet to be done, in cooperation with all the clubs, to unify the FIA.

“The day the election is over, everybody must share the same goals including those who did not support me. I am not closing the door to anybody.

“I disagree with those who say everything should be changed. During the campaign, I spoke about constructive change and adaptation to the fact that things are different from what they were 10 years ago.

“We are facing a new crucial era for cars, the environment and global warming. And it has strong implications for motor racing.

“It is true to say that over the years, and not only the last two, a lot of problems have arisen but F1 remains one of the major sports.

“All the controversies have opened the eyes of people involved in this business and I am optimistic that things will improve.”