Title already slipping away for some – Alonso

With only just over a third of the season now in the past, Fernando Alonso thinks the championship is already slipping away from some drivers.

The Ferrari driver lost his bid for victory and also the lead of the points standings in Canada, but he was calm after Sunday’s race in light of his consistency in 2012.

“No one can win the championship in seven races,” Alonso told El Pais newspaper, “but some are starting to lose it.”

He was disappointed to lose the victory and even the podium on Sunday, but the Spaniard looked on the bright side by pointing out that he “scored more (points) than Button and Kimi”.

Indeed, while Lewis Hamilton’s sister McLaren won in Montreal, Button’s sliding form in the past few races hit rock bottom on Sunday when he was lapped. He now has almost half the title leaders’ points tallies.

“Is the championship over?” Button asked reporters rhetorically after Montreal. “I don’t know. I’m not giving up but I’m not thinking about the championship. When you’ve had a race like this one, you don’t.”

Hamilton tipped his teammate to “bounce back”, but – as does Alonso – he also knows well that the key to the title in the topsy-turvy 2012 season is consistency.

“It’s unbelievable to see just how close it is,” he said. “We got a win and 25 points and I only have a two point lead, so it’s incredible how close it is and I think it will stay that close throughout the year. It highlights just how important consistency is,” Hamilton added.


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