The McLaren duo find a constructive way forward

McLarenAfter both McLaren drivers stayed away from the Istanbul Park circuit on Thursday and had a meeting to help clear the air, the McLaren believe the pair have found a constructive way forward.

McLaren issued a statement on Friday morning confirming that the team met each driver separately. The two drivers then met each other afterwards in an attempt to put the saga of Hungary behind them.

“The team has worked hard this season, and is currently leading both Formula One world championships,” the statement began. “The drivers clearly understand the team’s approach of providing them, to the best of our ability, with equality and the same opportunity of winning.

“We discussed the events of Hungary with both drivers independently yesterday, following which Fernando and Lewis met in the hotel and found a constructive way forward. We are now turning our full attention to the Turkish Grand Prix and the rest of the season.”

The decision for the two drivers not to attend the track on Thursday has surprised Bernie Ecclestone. “Ron Dennis has a big problem on his hands trying to deal with two drivers who are truly hacked off with each other and both after the same thing,” he told British newspaper The Sun. “It was a bit disappointing and strange that the top two contenders were not available to talk. It’s odd. I would have thought that McLaren’s sponsors would want to see them in the media.”

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