Texas quiet but F1 ‘nervous’ as corruption saga deepens

Texas officials would not comment when asked if Bernie Ecclestone’s implication in the Gerhard Gribkowsky corruption scandal might endanger the 2012 US Grand Prix. It is feared that, with the F1 chief executive admitting in a German court this week to paying millions to hush the beleaguered banker, the Texas government might rethink contributing to the Circuit of the Americas project.

The Austin American Statesman newspaper posed the question to the Texas comptroller’s office.

“All of these questions would require us to speculate,” the office replied by email.

It is a similarly difficult time for many involved in F1. The Telegraph’s Tom Cary, who has been reporting from Munich, said the sport’s owner CVC “is understandably nervous about its name being dragged through the mud”.

And “the whole of Formula One will be watching with interest to see how this case unravels,” he added.


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