Technical bosses meet to discuss Red Bull rules saga

F1 technical directors are meeting on Monday, Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport has reported. Undoubtedly at the very top of the agenda will be the Red Bull engine mapping saga that gripped the Hockenheim paddock mere hours before Sunday’s German grand prix.

Ultimately, the FIA admitted it could not penalise the team, even though stewards insisted they did not “accept all the arguments” put forward by Red Bull. The suggestion is that Red Bull adhered to the letter of the law, but not the “spirit”.

“There is no clause in the regulations that refers to the spirit of the regulations,” insisted team boss Christian Horner. “The rules are in black and white and, having looked at the evidence, the FIA were fully satisfied.”

But a cleaning-up of the rules is now regarded as likely.

“This must be stopped,” Peter Sauber said clearly. “Otherwise all that happens is a lot of money is thrown out of the window. And that is clearly what the FIA wanted to avoid with the new rules.”

Even Martin Whitmarsh, the head of the powerful McLaren team, agreed that leaving the current rules alone would lead to “an arms race” that will cost “a lot of money”.


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