Teams will decide on qualifying tyres idea

Paul Hembery has taken time out of the August break to confirm rumours that qualifying tyres are on the agenda for the future.

We reported in June that ultra-fast and sticky qualifying tyres, designed to last only one flying lap, are among Pirelli’s many ideas about how to maximise its new role as official F1 supplier.

“In the end for something like that the decision is with the teams. They might say no,” the Italian marque’s British motor sport director said.

A British magazine on Thursday said Pirelli is offering to supply qualifying tyres to the teams as early as 2012.

“(There are) many discussions (but the) teams decide, not us,” Hembery said on Twitter when asked about the qualifying tyre rumour.

Asked how much quicker the tyres would be compared to the current ‘super softs’, he added: “Not sure yet but up to 2 seconds a lap.”

Hembery, however, said that there are “no immediate plans” either for 18-inch wheel rims of extra-wide 15-inch tyres: “(The) teams (are) not keen and we would need a test car.”

But he did confirm that he is enjoying his summer break.

“Mega, just lazing, reading and drinking beers and cocktails. Just what I needed,” said Hembery.

Source: GMM