Sydney hopes to host future F1 races

Rival circuit organisers believe that they may be able to tempt Bernie Ecclestone to relocate the Australian Grand Prix when Melbourne s current contract expires in 2015.

Recently, the Australian Racing Drivers Club (ARDC) are reported to have commissioned a feasibility study of ploughing $93 million into revamping the Eastern Creek circuit. The Eastern Creek circuit is located around 40 minutes from Sydney and organisers believe that it could be a viable alternative to the Melbourne circuit, particularly given Melbourne organisers reluctance to accommodate night racing.

“Bernie Ecclestone will get sick of Melbourne s refusal to host a night race,” Allan Moffat, a board member for the ARDC explained to newspaper the Australian Daily Telegraph.

“We would be in a position to take advantage. It would cost three times as much to develop a suitable facility on virgin land. We have the basis for it right here in the middle of Blacktown, Australia’s fastest growing area.”