Sutil is unconcerned

SpykerSpyker driver Adrian Sutil says he is unconcerned about the van der Garde saga. Van der Garde is currently in the midst of a contractual dispute between the two Formula 1 teams of Spyker and Super Aguri – Van der Garde originally signed a contract to be a test driver for the latter in 2007 before accepting a position with Spyker.

Rumours are flying about why Spyker are being so aggressive about having van der Garde for themselves. It has emerged that his girlfriend’s father may be involved in the consortium which bought the Midland team last year, hence may be putting pressure on Spyker from the inside. Van der Garde may also be looking to maximise his financial involvement with Spyker, pehaps with a sponsorship deal.

So it would be understandable if Sutil felt that his position may be under threat, despite having signed a long term contract with Spyker. But Sutil seems calm about the situation. “I haven’t heard that rumour,” Sutil said. “I am not worried. The team signed me because of my achievements, and if money was the only factor for the team, they could have kept Mr. Monteiro.”

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