Super Aguri’s crash test this week

Super AguriSuper Aguri is hoping that their new 2007 car will pass the compulsory FIA crash tests later on this week so that they can launch their new SA07 before the Australian Grand Prix. Super Aguri failed the rear impact test the first time around in January. If the car passes, the car will be unveiled in Tokyo on 12th March.

The SA07 is believed to have had modifications to the cockpit sides and the rear structure of the car in the hope it will be strong enough to pass the test this time around. If the car fails, Super Aguri may use their interim car which is nearly identical in appearance to the 2006 Honda RA106 car. It is possible that even if the SA07 passes the FIA test, Super Aguri may choose to run their interim car in Australia anyway because of the ‘customer car’ row, otherwise they risk not being able to race.

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