Stewart calls for a new FIA President

Sir Jackie Stewart, recently called a halfwit by FIA president Max Mosley, has called for a new FIA president. His remarks come off the back of news that the FIA have appointed a special position for this weekend s Brazilian Grand Prix to scrutineer the McLaren team throughout the weekend to ensure both drivers are treated fairly.

“Formula 1 is a domain in which the owners pay the drivers and recruit the mechanics to design the car and the governing body should have no say in the internal workings of the team,” Stewart explained. “It is also hypocritical. Can you imagine the FIA going to Ferrari while Michael Schumacher was at the helm and insisting that his No. 2 Rubens Barrichello or Eddie Irvine was accorded the same privileges and that both men had to race on an equal footing?

“There is an escalating awareness that Mosley is being called into question over the proper governance of the FIA and his authority is being undermined, to an increasing degree, largely because we are in the most exciting F1 campaign there has been for years, and yet the papers are full of negative publicity.

“The governing body is damaging the reputation of the whole sport and bringing it into disrepute. They are acting in self interest and I believe there has to be greater accountability. Perhaps Max Mosley has been in the job too long. I definitely think that he should consider his position and that a new president should be head hunted from outside the sport, so there is no conflict of interest.”