Stepney to publish autobiography

Nigel Stepney the former Ferrari man who purportedly kicked off the espionage saga between McLaren and Ferrari after he gave confidential Ferrari information to one of their rivals is set to release an autobiography next year.

His autobiography is tentatively entitled Red Mist and  is set to be released in the spring. He is believed to be including his version of what happened in the spying saga.

Lorie Coffey from Red Mist Books said, “He intends to cover every aspect of his life in and out of Formula 1 plus an in-depth account of the recent Stepneygate saga. He has not had the opportunity to put across his point of view about the whole affair, and that is what he wants to do now he is not doing this for any financial gain whatsoever.

“It follows him from his childhood, through Broadspeed, Shadow, Benetton and Ferrari, and is an in-depth and truthful account of his life in and out of Formula 1.”

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