Stepney autobiography set for 2012 release

Nigel Stepney’s almost certainly highly controversial account of the ‘spygate’ scandal looks set to be published late this year.

In the wake of the sacked and disgraced former Ferrari engineer’s plans a few years ago to release an explosive autobiography, the publisher pulled out. It was rumoured at the time that Ferrari requested the book be withdrawn.

Stepney confirmed that his former publisher had been “put under pressure” by an unnamed party. But he vowed to press on with his account of what happened amid the famous espionage scandal involving McLaren and Mike Coughlan back in 2007.

An official book description at Amazon said ‘Red Mist’ will include “an in-depth and honest account of the recent ‘Stepneygate’ saga in his own words.”

The German-language Speed Week said it should hit the shelves in time for Christmas.

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