Slim Webber still pushing to shed grams

Although always refusing to write “a shopping list of excuses”, Mark Webber has admitted some concern with his racing weight.

The Kolner Express newspaper says there is an 11 kilogram difference between teammate Sebastian Vettel, the 2011 champion elect, and Australian Webber, who has failed to win even a single grand prix so far this season.

“It would be great if the team could find a gram here and there (to reduce the weight of the car),” the tall 35-year-old, who weighs 75kg compared with German Vettel’s 64kg, commented.

Webber is not suggesting that Adrian Newey’s RB7 is overweight, but rather that any saved weight could be distributed around the car to improve the handling.

He insists he has lost as much weight as he possibly can.

“I have never been as slim as I am,” confirmed Webber. “There is nothing more to find from myself. Maybe a haircut …”

McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton admits his weight has also been a concern in recent years.

“When Heikki Kovalainen was my teammate, it was ridiculous!” the Briton reportedly said. “He weighs nothing, maybe 60 kilos. So I thought ‘I have to lose weight’ but I never managed to get down to him.”


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