Singapore circuit gets provisional approval

The FIA have revealed that Singapore s Grand Prix circuit has gained provisional approval. The track is set to be a street circuit and with the news that provisional approval has been given, work on the track can now begin.

The FIA will continue to monitor the work and inspect the progress of the track in the next few months. If the track passes it s final inspection which will take place in the same week as the race, provisionally September 2008 a full licence will be granted. The track itself is 5.067 km long with 14 left-handers and 10 right-handers. Not everything surrounding the track is fully decided yet there are still questions over whether the race itself will be held at night or during the day.

“After months of poring over the drawing board we are now one step closer to our dream,” Colin Syn, Deputy Chairman of the Singapore GP explained. “However there is no time to celebrate it is not full speed ahead for us to get this on the road.”

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