Shanghai’s GP will go ahead

China’s Formula 1 Grand Prix will go ahead as planned, and will not be affected by the recent corruption scandal. The general manager of the circuit at Shanghai, Yu Zhifei, has been under investigation since last Octover. It is believed the investigation is focused on a social security scandal which is purported to be the City’s largest since the 1980 economic reforms.

The chairman of the track, Mao Xiaohan, has told a news conference that Shanghai is still committed to motorsport and intends to carry on with the Formula 1 weekend. “The SIC as a corporation is not involved in the investigation,” he explained. “Some people acted on their own. More than one-sixth of the 2007 calendar is filled with motorsport events at this venue. Major races such as the MotoGP and Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix will all go ahead, as planned.”

The Shanghai track cost an estimated $350 million to build and can seat an impressive 200,000 spectators. Since it’s opening in 2004, it was hosted three Formula¬†1 races. 2007’s race is scheduled to be run on October 7th.