Schumacher will be in London

Michael Schumacher will be in London later this month, making an appearance as part of the United Nations Global Road Safety Week. The aim of the week is to raise awareness of the scale of road safety problems. More than one million people are killed in road accidents in the developing world each year.

The campaign has the backing of Formula 1 drivers who have signed a petition backing an FIA initiative for a United Nations summit to discuss road safety.

Fernando Alonso has been quoted as saying, “For me it’s very important to support this campaign and make safety the first priority in our cars in everyday life. I think we need to improve safety and we need to improve the road, make the roads safe, and I think we can do this if everyone works in the same directions.”

Lewis Hamilton said, “I think that people need to sit back and really think about how many people are dying on the roads and what we can do about it. It is important we take precautionary measures, such as checking that you have the right tyre pressures in your tyres. That is the only contact we have with the road when we’re in the car so just make sure that they are the right temperature, and the right pressure. I know when I’m in the race car the first thing, the priority is safety. So my seat belt, my HANS device, my helmet, my gloves – everything that is going to keep me safe, so make sure you make these checks.”

Michael Schumacher will be making speaking at a lunch in central London on 23rd April.

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