Schumacher: Nico is the strongest teammate I’ve had

On the 20th anniversary of his 1991 debut, Michael Schumacher has shown a rare moment of contrition as he looks back at his F1 career.

He is faraway the most successful driver in the sport’s history, but according to some his achievements are blackened by controversial incidents including Adelaide 1994, Jerez 1997 and ‘Rascasse’ 2006.

“I could have reacted differently,” seven time world champion Schumacher, looking back on unspecified incidents in conversation with FAZ newspaper, said.

“But I was stubborn and reacting to the environment I was in and the situation of the time.

“There are enough examples, like we’ve seen with Senna and Prost. They have done it and got away with it,” said the German.

“I told myself that I can use this grey area as well.”

Meanwhile, even Schumacher’s harshest critics seem to agree that he is much more relaxed now, as he struggles in his comeback with Mercedes to keep up with teammate Nico Rosberg.

“Nico is definitely the strongest teammate I’ve had. In qualifying this year it is 10:1 in his favour. But I know that I can be faster than him,” he said.

Very outspoken in relation to Schumacher this week has been his first team boss Eddie Jordan, who is quoted by Blick newspaper as describing the comeback as “a huge mistake”.

“To try to compete with guys who are 20 years younger is against the laws of physics and medicine.”


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