Schumacher keeps Valencia podium

Michael Schumacher will keep his third place in the European Grand Prix. Schumacher was under investigation by the stewards over his use of the DRS whilst yellow flags were being waved for the Hamilton-Maldonado crash on the final lap of the European Grand Prix. The podium was Schumacher’s first since the 2006 Chinese Grand Prix.

Television images confirmed that Schumacher’s car did have the DRS in the open position in the middle of a yellow flag zone. However race stewards decided that the Mercedes driver had slowed sufficiently and therefore no penalty should be applied.

“The stewards considered a report that driver #7 used his DRS in a yellow flag zone and that his allegedly constituted a breach of yellow flag regulations,” said a statement from the stewards. “Having examined telemetry and video evidence, and heard from the driver and team representatives, the stewards noted that the driver did make a significant reduction in speed on entering the double waved flag zone.”

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