Schumacher is downbeat

ToyotaUncharacteristically, Ralf Schumacher has spoken out against his TF107 car saying that “we have had a catastrophic preparation for this season.”

Toyota have not had a good time in pre-season testing, with the car only outpacing the backmarkers of Spyker, Toro Rosso and Super Aguri. The car has not got enough grip through the corners, is unreliable, and hasn’t got enough straight-line speed.

“There is a gap to the front that we must now work hard to close,” Schumacher explained. “There is no point trying to hide it. In all probability, we are going to have a difficult start to the season. I would be looking forward to the season more if we had fewer problems to solve.”

With what is rumoured to be the largest budget in the pitlane, it just goes to show that money does not necessarily make you the best team on the track.