Schumacher & Heidfeld – just a racing incident

Nick Heidfeld has kept his sixth place finish after stewards decided that his clash with Ralf Schumacher was merely a racing incident.

Schumacher made a mistake on lap 19 allowing Heidfeld to close and attempt an overtake. At the next corner, the two drivers touched and the Toyota of Schumacher was sent into a spin which forced the German to retire. At the time of the incident, the stewards said they would investigate the incident after the race.

After their investigation, the stewards declared that the incident was just racing and Heidfeld was not penalized. Although clearly not happy at the time of the event, Schumacher has now said that he agrees with the stewards decision.

“I made a little mistake in the corner before and he was able to close up, and then he made a move at the final corner and we collided,” Schumacher explained. “In general, he is a very fair driver but these things happen in racing. It was a racing incident. It is clearly a shame because we could have scored points. We had another good weekend in qualifying and again, we didn t get the result which is disappointing.”