Schumacher falls in motorbike race

Michael Schumacher didn t have a good weekend s racing making a guest debut at the German motorbike championships at the Oschersleben over the weekend, the German F1 star finished his first race in 28th place, and fell in the second.

Schumacher had intended to enter the race under his pseudonym Marcel Niederhausen. However the press revealed his pseudonym a few days before the race so the 39-year old raced under his real name with hordes of fans turning out to watch.

During qualifying, Schumacher had some technical difficulties and only managed to qualify in 37th out of 39 qualifiers. During the race itself, he climbed several places to eventually finish 28th. In race two, he climbed to 21st place before falling and sliding across the gravel.

Despite his fall, Schumacher appeared to be in good spirits. “There are just a few scratches on the bike and probably some good shots for the photographers,” he said.

Schumacher has also said that he is not planning to become a motorbike racer. “I am a racer I find motor-cycles a lot of fun,” he explained. “But I do not have any plans to enter a ace series properly. Perhaps I will race from time to time, but always as a guest runner and without ambitions for another career.”

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