Schumacher could walk, warns Ecclestone

Bernie Ecclestone believes that Michael Schumacher will walk away from Formula One if he cannot reverse his current poor form.

The seven-time champion has struggled on his return to Formula One; making a number of errors and seemingly being unable to consistently get on terms with his team-mate Nico Rosberg.

As a result, the F1-surpremo does not expect the German to remain in the sport, unless Mercedes can give him a race-winning car.

“If Schumacher doesn’t perform I doubt whether he will want to stay,” Ecclestone told City A.M, adding that “he is obviously fit, motivated and talented but the car hasn’t been up to him.”

Ecclestone also reiterated his desire to see Sebastian Vettel win this year’s championship, declaring that Red Bull deserves to win this year’s championship.

“Red Bull bought a team that was no good, it’s not like they bought Ferrari,” said 79-year-old.

Additionally, Ecclestone also had some words of encouragement for Mark Webber, stating: “Mark has done a good job. “I would never have believed it at the beginning of this year if somebody had said to me he is going to do this.”