Sauber contemplating name change

Peter Sauber is hoping to to change the name of his team. Currently, the team have been entered into Formula One as the “BMW Sauber F1 Team” despite the withdrawal of BMW from the sport at the end of last season.

According to Autosport, Peter Sauber is now thinking about changing his team name, although they have yet to decide when to make the name change request. The request was not put in prior to the season start because getting the name of an F1 team changed is not a straightforward process as they may cause the team to lose some TV rights income.

Currently, the BMW Sauber team is without a title sponsor and Sauber has admitted that it is now highly unlikely that they will find one until the start of next season.

“We will submit an application for a chassis name change, but the timing has yet to be decided,” he told Autosport. “It will happen some time this season.

“We have still a white car unfortunately, because it is impossible to find sponsors during January and February – especially big sponsors.

“Today we are looking for sponsors for the 2011 season. I hope we will find some sponsors for this season.

“If we find a title sponsor for 2011 in the middle of the year then maybe we can have them for this season too.”