Safer F1 helmets mandatory at Japanese GP

All F1 drivers will be wearing safer helmets at Suzuka this weekend.

Earlier in 2011, some drivers tested a bulletproof Zylon strip across the top of their visors in order to prevent injuries like Felipe Massa’s in Hungary two years ago.

By Singapore, 12 of the 24 drivers were using the strip.

Auto Motor und Sport reports that the visor opening size has also been reduced to a new minimum for the mandatory standard that debuts in Japan this weekend.

The helmets are 50 grams heavier than before, and some drivers are reportedly unhappy that the strip damages the visor tint coatings when removed.

The tear-off strips are also smaller and harder to fit.

Additionally, Auto Motor und Sport reports that the sponsors are not happy that the black Zylon strips are taking up space above the visors.


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